History Lessons

“History,” he said,
“is a dull orator
incessantly forgetting himself
as he repeats the same trite story
endlessly, the details
muddied, or replaced, by
whatever fanciful notion betakes him
in that particular moment of reflection.”
He stepped down from the podium
and glanced about, as if confused,
before stepping up to the podium again.
“History,” he stated,
“is a bland lecturer
persistently disremembering his own words
as he reiterates the same tired story
without end, the minutiae
fogged, or substituted, by
whichever whimsical ideas take hold
in that exact instant of recall…”
He descended from the dais
and looked around, as if bewildered,
before ascending the dais again.
“History,” he announced,
“is an unremarkable speaker…”

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