3 More Riddles

“Bleeding for each word
and sometimes feathered, like a bird.”

“Without a mouth I scream and shout,
but I am not angry as I shove you about.”

“Without teeth I hungrily feed,
eating whatever I may touch,
breathing black breath as I breed
and hissing when I drink too much.”

A riddle

Studded veil of widowed Dawn
gleaming on a moonlit lawn
like clear crystals in a crown
or sequins on a dark gown,
these jewels spangling the flowers
in the early morning hours
dissolve clean in daylight air
neath the sun’s incessant glare,
yet return with mist-blurred night
like earthbound stars, twinkling bright.
Small and fleeting as a kiss
from the fairies—what is this?

Some Halloween Riddles

Having drank too much moonshine,
hair of the dog suits me just fine.

When I need to dust off my black dress
I sweep the clouds, seemingly weightless.

A connoisseur of many minds
I’m lost in a crowd of all kinds.

A nightflier who always eats lite,
I need a drink after getting a bite.

Single and looking for love
on the surface level, up above.

Being an operatic drama queen,
I am heard more often than I am seen.

Pyramid schemes have been good to me,
but I keep it under wraps, ceremonially.

It is quite shocking to be given life,
but if you could, I also need a wife.

Having lost my head near this sleepy place,
my smile never leaves my radiant face.