Haiku Metamorphoses

Her hairbrush smashes

the mirror to sharp fragments;

a glass chrysalis.


Crimson butterfly

imprinted on her bed sheets;

 no more flying free.


The children buzz shrill

in the cafeteria;

agitated hive.


Gossip, lip to lip,

like bees to flower petals;

pollen for the queen.


Two rhino beetles,

horns locked to flip each other;

rival teen wrestlers.


The preying mantis

clicks his mandibles, teaching

Sunday bible school.


Tiny ants crawling

after forgetting his meds,

anxiety high.


Cocoon unwinding

to release a luna moth;

he confesses love.


The honeycomb holes

opened and spread all over,

the acne scars deep.


Powder puff beating

its moth wings across her cheeks;

moonlit promises.


Mosquito eggs bloomed

and swarmed throughout her highschool;

words that drained her blood.


He feared the rumors

that stuck to both her and him;

flypaper lovers.

Haiku Haunts

Beware the mountains—
a mother suckles children
to fatten supper.

as it steals drowned souls downstream—
good manners prevail.

Though the seas are calm
the ships sink to the dark depths—
lend not the ladle.

Coarse, cawing laughter
shakes the trees near the temple,
mocking monks who pray.

Fearsome, flaming beard
and thirst for bloody battle
as befits a beast.

Protectors of shrines,
male and female together,
guarding gates with grins.

One leg to stand on
and only one eye to see,
hiding in plain sight.

Like rain in clear skies
they arrive unexpected,
playing tail-tell tricks.

Spinning many lies
within silken-threaded beds,
a love to die for.