Haiku Reviews: Death Stranding


This is a new series I am attempting to start and continue for a while.  It will concern reviewing anything for which I feel inclined, whether it be a book, movie, tv series, or whatever.  Today I happen to feel inclined to review Hideo Kojima’s videogame “Death Stranding”.

These fetch quests offer
a postal loop that ticks off
my P.O.ed boxes.

Following a strand
with fumbling fingers, he frayed
the storytelling.

A Fragile ego
cannot weather the time-fall,
the wrinkles showing.

My red flags were raised
when I first saw the gameplay—
no mail is good mail.

Addressed to fanboys
and Konami with love, yet
dead on arrival.

in grenades of blood and shit
and Monster piss-takes.

The Higgs particle
is deus ex machina,
but can’t save the plot.

Released just in time
for Christmas, it delivers
the holiday ham.