Condescending Dreams

A midnight too cold, I do declare,
as I tremble in such air
as breath of a frost titan
while stars shine, but do not lighten
with the twinkle of dreams thus outcast
in dark gulfs that last and last,
and I wonder, in such chilly air,
if they twinkle and they glare
because of prevailing ingratitude,
wishing me a change in attitude.
But I cannot, anymore than they,
being ever-fixed as night and day,
and so I think they have no right
to judge me this or any other night
for they, too, in darkness shiver
as if alive and all aquiver
though grown bright each as the sun
and hypocrites, every one,
they are too distant to know of woe,
being far above, and me far below,
but should they wish to condescend
then by all means, come on, descend,
and let us have a sun at night
to warm the hours as a sun might,
but if they should, please be so good
as keep some distance, or they would
burn the earth to blackish cinders
with their resplendent splendors—
indeed, keep thou to that great star chasm
or wither the world, not unlike sarcasm.
Am I belligerent as blood-red Mars
that I should begrudge such long-dead stars?
No, more so Saturn fully crowned
with the ringed dust I have found.
But enough! Hear now the truth I give
and know the truth withal I live:
I clutched at stars once, quite defiant
and thought myself a looming giant
only to find a firefly therein dead
in my hand, a streak that bled
a constellation, a glittering stain
to remind me oft, and to oft remain
so I might know the truth of such dreams
and all above that gleams and seems.

Two Poems

He is a lugubrious bloodhound,
overlarge and looming
with his shadow
as he trails your heels,
occasionally stepping
in front of you,
tripping you up
with his ungainly paws,
fetching back to you
all of the
you tossed aside,
or else
digging up your
long buried
in those forgotten ossuaries
of regret and shame.
Pride attempts to leash him,
but whom is
jerking around

I am still amazed
at how my father
can build a house from the
ground up,
as briskly as you please
and only infrequently faltering,
whereas I studied
and syntax
and import,
learning to brick together
to form meaning;
learning to deconstruct
technobabble and esoteric jargon.
It has yet to shelter me,
this skill set,
but I console myself with the
that a single clause
in a legal document
could take away my
if I was not aware of its meaning.
But this is a cold comfort
as I lay among my
sheets of paper,
wary of the next unkind
wandering my way.