The Anthropophagi

Their barbarism is born of
the fervor of their
cannibal appetite
compelled unto frenzy
by the holy need to achieve
ideological purity,
whether it be in the belief that
Jesus Christ would cast
nonbelievers into the pits of
or that infidels should be purged
in a jihad of chemical death
or that a man can become
a woman
by surgically inverting
his genitals,
or that ogling polygonal
is a part of rape culture,
or that all billionaires—
regardless of lives saved
as doctors
or lawyers
or inventors
or even investors—
are wicked white men
that have oppressed the rest of
they eat their own
to cull their herd
and become stronger
by becoming weaker,
refining their ranks
with a pair of neutering clippers
and a chopping block
(shoulder roast whose
seasoning sauce
is nuance)
until cleanliness-cum-godliness
elevates puritanical
unto Saturn’s
and they are left
all alone,
gnawing their own

True Fear

Vampires swathed in eternal night,
zombies with an infectious bite,
ghouls squatting over midnight graves,
mummies with their undead slaves,
masked killers hunting teens with machetes,
Big Foot, Sasquatches, wendigos, and yetis,
werewolves with their slobbering jaws,
cannibals in Texas, brandishing chainsaws,
tentacled horrors rising from the deep,
alien abductions while you sleep,
devils dancing in flames, and in hearts,
witches conjuring with their black magic arts,
Death himself in my shortened shadow
readying his sickle to cut me low—
why would I fear any among these tropes and cliches
when the factory awaits me for the rest of my days?