Heritage: A Horror Novella


My novella is up on Amazon. It is a revised version of a novella I published in my 2017 collection “Strange Hours”, which I am embarrassed to say was flawed with infrequent typos and hanging sentences. I will have a free giveaway for it sometime soon. Poe meets Lovecraft meets Douglass in this tale of Southern Gothic Horror.


Fly away on my flapping wings
to many fanciful, far-fetched things,
whether hard-spined or flexibly soft,
I will hold you safely aloft,
though I may well give you the chills
with the turbulence of my thrills,
it is all for the sake of some fun,
or your own education;
yet, when I rest with my catalogued kin
it will be on a cozy shelf, all nestled in,
and singing silently with a tight-lipped voice
of someone else’s preferred choice—
you see, we share a quiet aviary
which some often call a library.