Weeping Cherry Paperback Overdue

Two years late (due to a debilitating car crash), but I have finally managed to finalize the paperback version of my poetry book. It features a few illustrations and I am glad it is finished, though it is not perfectly formatted. Yet, this is all the energy I can spare for it. Depression and chronic pain deplete my reservoirs fairly quickly and I have other aspirations I need to undertake to distract myself.

Lost and Found Free Kindle Giveaway

For a limited time my children’s novels are free in their kindle format. Though written for children, they also touch upon deeper themes and adult subtexts. I am rather proud of them, though I wish they would gain greater traction (and readership). Below is the link for the first novel. The 2nd novel is titled “Stormy Within The Strawberry Patch”. It is listed on my author page.

Broken Crown Kings Free Giveaway

Anyone who follows me knows I try to post a poem or piece of fiction each day, sometimes several times a day. Over the last year and a half I have published over three hundred poems. Broken Crown Kings is the culmination of this marathon. Currently the ebook is available for a free download if anyone is interested (for two days only). Many poems have been revised and modified from their original form. There are also two short stories included which concern the purpose and the pretenses of poets. One, titled “Ukiyo” was originally called “Poetic Justice” when I first published it serially on this site. The other short story is titled “Ashes, Echoes, And Empires”.