Swamp Riddle

A bulbous throat of thunder,
cannibal maw of the bog,
living half its life under
the duckweed with eyes agog,
squirming out from clustered eggs
with tail to race, feed, and grow,
hopping on humanoid legs
to hunt and breed and bellow.

5 thoughts on “Swamp Riddle

      1. It doesn’t pay any bills, but it is something to pass the time. Thanks for stopping by. I have probably a hundred or so riddles on this site that I have written. I released a book under a pseudonym years ago, but it didn’t sell and was killed by a single bad review. Oh well.

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      2. I understand, but these writings hold little nuggets of wonder, a natural questioning and seeing ordinary things in a different light, like in a mystical sense. It is how I have felt with riddles. Keep that magic lenses on ❤

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