Haiku Metamorphoses

Her hairbrush smashes

the mirror to sharp fragments;

a glass chrysalis.


Crimson butterfly

imprinted on her bed sheets;

 no more flying free.


The children buzz shrill

in the cafeteria;

agitated hive.


Gossip, lip to lip,

like bees to flower petals;

pollen for the queen.


Two rhino beetles,

horns locked to flip each other;

rival teen wrestlers.


The preying mantis

clicks his mandibles, teaching

Sunday bible school.


Tiny ants crawling

after forgetting his meds,

anxiety high.


Cocoon unwinding

to release a luna moth;

he confesses love.


The honeycomb holes

opened and spread all over,

the acne scars deep.


Powder puff beating

its moth wings across her cheeks;

moonlit promises.


Mosquito eggs bloomed

and swarmed throughout her highschool;

words that drained her blood.


He feared the rumors

that stuck to both her and him;

flypaper lovers.

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