Celebrity Half-Life

Lost in social media solipsism

lost between all selves, the dividing schism

of identity seen through Photoshop,

man and woman distilled as proto Pop;

forged from flesh and digital revision,

splitting essence, influencer fission.

Two lives in parallel, but neither true

on either side of the camera view;

master and slave being one and the same,

a false character under a screen name

that separates and grants immunity,

posting and hosting with impunity

while burning bridges beyond the firewall,

forsaking dial-up life like a thrall

enslaved to the clicks and the hashtag brag,

a doppelganger suffering jetlag

as they try to keep up with their own trend,

millions of followers, but not one friend,

turning up the wi-fi hi-fi volume

of fickle, fleeting visitors, all whom

glance over their sprawling media flow

that gushes everywhere, yet shallow

and so dissipating in the next wave

of celebrity summer, for they crave

always what s fresh, what s Hip, the next new rage

deftly curated on his or her page

until boredom, noise, or distraction drives

them elsewhere, the ADHD half-lives

dissolving all such idols to mere rust,

as with all that cycles from boom to bust,

leaving them with themselves, so that they feel

split by the screen between online  and real

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