Hong Kong Throng

The dragon descended upon the city,
its belligerent coils taut and endless,
suffocating the people without pity,
with a breath venomous—the air windless.
So, the people stormed the tyrannical wyrm
with their riotous signs crowding his flanks,
watching the vile, covetous creature squirm,
relentless though they lost some in their ranks.
Could they really kill such a colossal beast
as it tightened its scales around their home?
Or would this be another merciless feast
for the dragon, his mouth eager with foam?
The people had had enough, coming together
as a dragon of their own, a strong throng
and tangled with the dragon, resolved never
to forfeit the fight, however so long.
Through the crowd, like an aspiring oversoul,
there flew the thought of Tiananmen Square
and the sour memory of that bloody toll—
but the Hong Kong Throng would not flee from there.

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