Depths Of Delusion

You are a racist,
as am I,
for it is a consequence of
being alive,
an evolutionary survival mechanism
biased against that which is
outwardly different;
do not deny it
or you deny the self,
the self being a
long-columned wellspring of
unconscious forces,
epiphenomenal currents
that extend so deeply and darkly
into the subconscious
that we cannot fathom it;
and do not pretend to know your depths
unless you happen to be quite
for every human is a bottomless
while the mind struggles to navigate itself,
reading the waves on the surface
with a charlatan’s eye for
a rationalizing fraud
who confuses ebb with flow,
cause with effect,
and, consequently,
sees the push-and-pull of our
without the finer nuances and
until a tempest comes along
and suddenly we find, within the
shipwrecks of faux pas and
racial baggage,
stereotypes, tokenisms,
assumptions which churn
like Charybdis
to swallow the delusion
that we were ever pellucid
within our own murky waters.
The cauldron boils and brims
and nothing but
runneth over.
Acknowledge the
it is the only way to
navigate the waters
and paddle against the undertow.

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