Golden Age Killjoy

You naysaying canary,
shrilling in the open air
with a song so wary—
“Beware, fools! Beware!”

Contrarian canary,
why are you full of distrust?
His answer’s quite scary:
“The boom and the bust!”

You gloomy, winged prophet,
why speak of imminent doom?
Why not just come off it
and enjoy the boom?

“Because the sky is falling
as you drink unto wealth’s dregs,
debtors will be calling
to come break your legs.”

You petulant little bird
flapping in your little cage,
why should we heed your word
in this Golden Age?

“Because you see only the gleam
and think only of the sum,
yet it is but a dream—
the collapse will come.”

Who are you to question us?
We have built lustrous empires!
“Foundations crumble, thus,
and all end in pyres.”

“You have your heads in the ground,
mining gold so as to thrive,
but heed the ancient mound,
men buried alive.”

You vile, pernicious creature!
You’re more crow than canary!
“I am a mere preacher,
though my moods vary.”

“Continue mining the earth
to build castles in the sky
and discover their worth—
rich kings, too, shall die.”

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