A Bagful Of Goodies (Three-Sentence Horror Stories)


Maddie picked up the pail and went to feed the hogs in the backyard. Near their pen she heard someone say, “Wait until she turns her back.” The large hogs watched her eagerly, drooling.

Timmy was watching tv when the Girl Scout knocked on the door. She said nothing. Her hair floated wildly in the moonlight.

Mikey said hello to the scarecrow every day for a week until the police came. They asked if he had seen his sister. He pointed to the cornfield.

Circe’s diner was the best place to buy a BLT.   One day Matt asked Circe what kind of pig supplied the bacon. “The long kind,” she said, eyeing him up and down.

“Watch out for the monsters under your bed,” her father said. “They’ll eat your toes.” He turned off her bedroom light and hobbled slowly down the hallway.

The shaman told him something was following him. The tourist glanced behind him, seeing only his shadow. He laughed loudly, and the creature laughed loudly, too.

She shook the divorce papers in his face and said, “I am going to take half of everything.” He donned a pair of plastic gloves and took out a pair of hedge clippers. “So am I,” he said.

The mermaid sang, beckoning to Joey from the hotel pool. Mesmerized, he joined her for a midnight swim. Others floated alongside them in that dark red water, bobbing aimlessly.

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