Agenda Goggles

Agenda Goggles, a dime a dozen!
Get one free, for yourself and for me,
for each parent, sibling, and cousin!
Come see what you want to see!
Wear them when out with a friend
to see a movie meant simply for fun
and find yourselves foes by the end,
arguing politics as you come undone.
Take them with you everywhere:
to the park, to the café, to your job,
and see things with a tinted stare
that will make you want to summon a mob.
Never enjoy anything ever again
while wearing your Agenda Goggles—
no book, poem, comic, or comedian;
nothing’s safe while your brain toggles.
Make a career out of your impaired sight
by prospecting for online outrage,
instigating fight after fight after fight
to gain clicks on your blog page.
You can also feed your Twitter feed
by spotting prey with these sensitive glasses—
prey of every gender, race, and creed
cobbled together from the mosaic masses.
And while normies carry on in a quiet life,
you can see everything as a war of tribes
and profiteer from that traffic and the strife
like a corrupt judge blinded by bribes.

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