The Tree Of True Love

2019-01-26 12.22.37

The Apprentice, Edmund, went to see
something unlike any other, a tree
which was called the Tree Of True Love,
which can be inferred from the words above
to be a magical tree that can tell you, too,
if who you are chasing is a love that is true.
Along its trunk are many knotted places,
but none more so than around the two faces
of a man and a woman who move within the tree
to show couples if they are meant to be.
If a couple truly belongs together in life
then the faces cuddle close, like husband and wife,
and the branches blossom full and bright
with pretty little petals of pink and white;
but if they do not, the tree lets them know
as the faces turn away from each other to show
what will happen if they continue together
and try to fare far fouler weather:
the tree sheds its blossoms, blackens its bark,
and grows thorns along its flanks, pointy and dark.
It is a prophecy that none may defy,
no matter how much you beg, cajole, or cry.
Feeling his frets, therefore, Edmund dared a glance
at the tree as if to see if he had the slightest chance
with the Princess Felicia, the Golden-Hearted Maiden
whom all of the knights of Gran Stone felt overladen
with affection for, that prized jewel in the gilded crown
of a kingdom whose bravery had earned renown.
And when he looked to see where his heart would reside
the faces turned indifferent— an unbridgeable divide.

“Maybe,” he thought, “if I give it more time
she will come around to me, like a perfect rhyme.”

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