Haiku Halftime Show

Legalese is smoke
from a dragon just before
it burns you in court.

Pretty petal mouth
fragrant and pink and blooming,
hiding a wasp’s sting.

The busy spider
scrambled up its dew-jeweled web,
fussing over guests.

She dreamt of flying,
her young wings clipped and crippled
by her mother’s tongue.

Ghost-faced bandits steal
through the misty midnight dark;
opossums on the move.

To purify wells
by drinking up the poison:
subprime mortgage loans.

They crucified Christ
everyday, their hatred
biting hard like nails.

Little fawn baffled
by fluttering butterflies;
the joys of childhood.

Sleepy-headed boy
nods on the couch, King Arthur
knighting him in dreams.

Whiskey yeast prospers,
distilling what will kill it—
as do humans, too.

The doll did not move
as she hid in the toy box,
fearing sweaty hands.

He wrote poetry
as passementeries stitched
to life’s humdrum hems.

To wed to that name
was to noose oneself with a
gold-inscribed choker.

Her blouse button popped
with the heaving sighs of her
harlequin daydreams.

Her breasts spoke true
with their deep cleavage divide;
a divided heart.

How like a hammer
his thought, a chisel his word—
Freemason wizard.

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