Haikus VI

Wildebeasts crossing
a river crowded with crocs;
rush hour jaywalking.

Heavy rain fell hard
like frat-boy fists on freshmen;
a Springtime hazing.

She sinks to her neck
in the whitewater froth of
her wool collar coat.

Dentist’s drill slipping
and driving into gums;
your Dear John letter.

The two of them joined
like a diphthong pronounced
as husband and wife.

Bald eagle hunting
over black wastewater ponds:
high ideals plunging.

Vicious trench warfare
ravaging every face—
the wrinkles of Time.

Hammering water
into folded waves of steel,
the catfish leapt and fell.

Moon Phases

Algonquin moon
like a peeled acorn glowing
with pale yellow light.

Footprints in white sand
marking a dead-end warpath;
the Seminole moon.

Pearl cracked by salvos
from many musket volleys;
a Cherokee moon.

A dead man’s cracked skull
scalped and skinned by a flint knife;
an Apache moon.

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