Haikus IV

Whittling her body
with a chisel-sharp hunger;

Limestone-lipped Lethe
from which forgetfulness flows;
Kentucky Bourbon.

She opened herself
like a silk Japanese fan:
cool smooth skin, tattooed.

Her smile slants sideways
like a fence after a storm—
how can I mend it?

Noodling in Kentucky
where Southern girls bite harder
than snapping turtles.

A Christ-like scarecrow
welcoming carrion birds
with his outspread arms.

Acoustic chord struck
with sweet nothings and kisses;
heart string serenade.

Looking glass angled
to catch the glow of her face,
pond mirroring moon.

These severed fingers
still trying to pinch the pen
to stop the bleeding.

Tweeting so loudly
while you remain cooped, wings clipped;
internet crusades.

Creaking like timbers
of a ship tossing at sea,
her jaw grinds at night.

Pa rum pum pum pum
the little drummer boy played;
some hear a war song.

The fury of Zeus
threaded into taut cords
to power kids’ toys.

Black roses blooming
like mascara around eyes,
planted by knuckles.

Woodpeckers tapping
at code with beaked fingertips,
hackers look for bugs.

Spankings from my mom and dad
were only temperings for weak steel;
a hammer and anvil love.

Lying as perfectly still
as a corpse is no unique talent;
all master it, given time.

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