Children’s Riddle Book Progress


I have written little over 50 riddles for the children’s book.  I hope to have 99 solidly good riddles by the time I’m ready to publish.  We’ll see.  A few samples:

“My hourglass figure is a warning
to anyone approaching my thread,
for, despite my name, I’m not in mourning
for any of my husbands that are dead.”

“My comb is stuck to my head
like a mohawk, wrinkled and red.”

“Despite all of my brushing and toil,
a bad hair day is my endless curse
since my tresses never want to uncoil—
but my stone-cold stare is even worse!”

“I am a thief of the light,
dull by day, but glowing at night.”

“He looks like a man, but is very small,
and lives in the ground, peaceful and quiet,
then he burgles from a mountain hall
while five armies begin to riot.”

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