Children’s Novel Cover Update


I decided to update the cover of my children’s novel, hoping it might gain more interest.  I painted it yesterday morning and then added the cover text and border today.  The image shows Chloe, the cynical cat, and the unnamed narrator of the story (the chick).  In the upcoming sequel, Stormy Within The Strawberry Patch, we will come to find that the narrator from the first novel is actually named Goldie.  She will be a year older, and will have her own chicks to look after while Stormy, the young cat, comes to terms with his killer instinct as a predator, as well as the problems arising from a family of foxes that are hunting the chickens.  Stormy will be a conflicted hunter who tries to come to terms with his inherent need to prey upon other animals, including the animals that he knew growing up as a kitten.

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